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27 September 2007

busy busy busy busy busy

that's 5 busies

waaaa, sooo busy again!

i love it!

i spent 3 months doing not much because partly i was lazy after getting sick and partly because well, there weren't any jobs on the go.

so after a while i started to get bored and went out looking for some stuff to do.

now i'm super busy again with more jobs than i can resonably shake a stick at.

can't complain, keeps me occupied and my work is not the kind of work tou get bored of easily,not really.

so, this month i are be mostly making a new catalogue for a boutique [the whole thing singlehandedly], shooting sushis for a restaurant, shooting designer furniture for a brochure, writing stories about climbing trees and filipino beach resorts and oh, wait, i've just been booked for a two night trip to Bangkok on the Orient Express!

hehe, US$1,800 for two nights on a train - but of course, nowt for me hehe...

should be fun, with a night in Bangkok then fly back the next day - visa prematurely renewed and ready to write the story and feature the pix in the new YTL corp, luxe lifestyle magazine that my bestie Eugene is the editor for.

tip bloody top, what.

so yeah, busy and loving it.

jmc says...werd to yer mams n' dads!

jmc says...werd to yer mams n' dads!

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mam said...Love the photo dont understand the caption Posted 2 October 2007 18:06


27 September 2007

climbing trees like a monkey

in fact, it's monkeys that climb trees like me

another story to write for a magazine...

there's a new 'adventure playground' opened in a park in Kuala Lumpur called skytrex adventure.

when say park, i just mean a vast expanse of jungle and when i say adventure playground, i mean an aerial assault course not for the faint of heart.

it's great - a 2km trail of nets and planks and flying foxes and rope ladders and swings - all up in the canopy of the trees.

you latch yourself onto some wires and you wear your harness and then you make your way around the course - great!

i went around once with the camera to get the experience and it was a bit scary - took us almost 2 hours to complete the course with lots of wobbling and trying not to look down.

then after we finished i decided i wanted to go on again - straight away. i asked the guy what the fastest time was an her reckoned 45 mins...

so i ran to the start and sped round the whole coure again, slapdash, arms aching to the max and sweating buckets in the 35 degree swelter.

total focus, lots of swinging, got to the end and ran back to the shed to check the time - 28 minutes!


tired after that so went home and slept a bit - ready to write the story for the KL listings mag [like Timeout]

i love my job

jolyn swinging like a little monkey

jolyn swinging like a little monkey

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mam said...MAD Posted 2 October 2007 18:08


27 September 2007

At home with Hannah Tan

she's quite lovely

So, the other day I got a call from me mate Choen...

said he ws going to be shooting little popster Hannah Tan for a mag and wondered if he could use my space for the shoot.

why not, i thought - always fun to have celebs getting naked in my house ;)

so Hannah turned up and we dressed her up and dressed her down and spent a whole day taking fotos of her looking delicious and being very piak piak [the sound of tautness]

it was a fun day to say the least...

see you next time yummy hannah tan.

yes, quite delicious

yes, quite delicious

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27 September 2007

Filipino trpoical islands and eco-resorts

freebie visa run photojournalism ops


I went to the Philippines, me.

I went with my mate, a fashion photographer Daniel Goh

Daniel Goh Foto link

We were there initially on a photojournalism mission to cover some rather swanky beach resorts in the northern district of Palawan.

check out the places...

El Nido beach resorts

soooooo nice!

so we stayed on both resorts for a few nights [FOC of course] and during that time we did a whole bunch of cool stuff like kayaking, scuba diving, rock climbing, sun bathing and eating lots of really nice food - all for nowt.

It was great and of course i took a whole bunch of fotos.

you can see some of them in the 'fun stuff' section.

now all i have to do is get round to writing the story and pitching it to the "Prestige' magazine, some posh auntie's mag here in KL.

If you ever get the chance, go to Philippines, it's an interesting place with equally interesting [and charming] people.

Manila is a bit dodgy though [a weird mix somewhere in between Bangkok and Lima], Asian and Hispanic all rolled into one.

but i must say, i had fun and would go back there for free any day of the week.


chillen on filipino beaches with gourmet private lunches - smashing

chillen on filipino beaches with gourmet private lunches - smashing

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27 September 2007

Facebook Stole My Soul

and now it's lonely around here...

Hi i'm jayemmcee.com, remember me?

probably not...

I used to be such a fun website, quite popular actually.

I would be updated weekly, sometimes twice a week with exciting stories about stupid stuff.

people even used to have RSS feeds that automatically notified them when I got updated.


that was before the birth of the antichrist - namely FACEBOOK.


nowadays i just sit here with nothing to do while facebook takes all of my newest photos and all of my recent stories.

i remain here, alone and overlooked.

and i've just about had enough - i mean, i'm so much more pretty than facebook.

granted, i'm not as nosey or as uncontrollaby informative as facebook but i am more personalised, much more relevant - and a million times LESS OF A WASTE OF TIME!!!

so, i just hope that a certain someone can control his addiction to that evil devil's workshop utility and remember how lovely jayemmcee.com is and how unfalteringly loyal it has been to him for the last two years.

here's hoping.

p.s. fuck you facebook, i hope you fall down a manhole and break your stupid bloody neck :)

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Will said...admit it, you're addicted... hahahahaha Posted 17 October 2007 15:54


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