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27 October 2008

Bangkok Birthdays

not mine, of course


so many times i've been to bangkok and never bought anything.

i'm quite fussy when it comes to shopping for meself.

maybe the word isn't fussy, but 'stingey'.

anyhoos, Miss Ooi had a birthday [tomorrow] and so i decided to just set some coin aside an blow it all on stuff.


although it was a struggle to spend it all - on stuff i liked.

easier to spend it on stuff Miss Ooi liked.

somehow, the dozen dresses i bought just about came to the allocated dosh i had set aside.

just about, so i bought meself a handful of nice t-shirts and some maju trousers [not the mc hammer genie pants though].

and now i'm broke again :)

but Miss Ooi and me have a shed load of new clobber :)

first thing to do on return, empty the cupboards and give the old clobber away to the less privileged [but now trendy] paupers of KL.


hooray for Bangkok shopping and throwing caution to the wind.

my only regret is that the jinbei i wanted were way too big, so no jinbei for me :(


happy birthday to Miss Ooi and can't wait to see her struttin' the new dresses real soon.

one of an obscene amount of lovely birthday dresses

one of an obscene amount of lovely birthday dresses

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Ying said...seriously obscene number of lovely birthday dresses. thank yooooouuuuu! Posted 28 October 2008 16:36


18 October 2008

in the presence of a high lama

an enlightened being no less

so...this has been an interesting project.

i as approached a month ago by Kechara House Buddhist Association to provide web copy for their new 'commercial' arm, selling statues and dharma gifts. they wanted an 'outsiders' opinion of buddhism and somebody that wasn't already a devotee.

Now, Kechara House is the brainchild of the high lama Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. One man, the son of a mongolian princess and tibetan high lama, Rinpoche has studied dharma for 30 years and is considered a highly recognised being, enlightened.

although i've studied buddhism for a few years, i'm not religious and still somewhat cynical about the doctrine.

And so i struggled with it. somehow i just couldn't write commercial copy about an enlightened being.

so i did whatever i could then apologised profusely to my friends at Kechara. and they understood.

a few weeks went by and it was in the back of my mind, that i really wanted to do this project, but just found it too difficult. oh the guilt. the first time EVER i've turned down work due to incapacity to complete.

anyhoos, suddenly one day i got a call from them again. this time they want me to produce a coffee table book - a pictorial biography of Rinpoche's life!

full creative control as editor/designer of a coffee table book!

what an opportunity! but wait, i still didn't quite understand about the man himself, or his path to enlightenment.

until i was afforded a private audience with him.


i sat and watched and listened to his teachings for 3 hours straight. i was entertained, amused, enthralled and awed. Just to be in the presence of an enlightened being is a magical experience, to witness compassion and wisdom in such volumes.

so, after that i was convinced. I have agreed to take on the project and i shall be meeting Rinpoche again in the near future to plan out the book.

An amazing opportunity and experience that i am utterly grateful for.

Despite all the other projects i'm working on at the moment, this 'charity' project is possibly the most exciting thing i've ever taken on.

stay tuned...

Tsem Tulku Rinpoche - high lama, enlightened being

Tsem Tulku Rinpoche - high lama, enlightened being

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8 October 2008

Original Star Wars on Super 8

force is strong with this one

almost fainted.

at the dirt mall down the street i was rummaging through a pile of tat and found it.

four quid.

almost fainted.

: D

on super 8!

on super 8!

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3 October 2008

The JYN Tonic creative partnership

best thing since fresh air

sometimes, being a freelancer can get boring. sometimes you just need another brain to bounce ideas off.

at least that's what i've found.

so, that's why myself and Miss Ooi decided to form the JYN Tonic creative partnership.


they say two heads are better than one, and i reckon that Miss Ooi's one head is probably better than two of mine put together, so i know i'm on a wiiner.

anyhoos, i do what i do...some design work ,lots of fotos, some editorial and commercial copywriting, some weird conceptual stuff and some branding exercises.

and well, that's about as far as i can throw myself.

Miss Ooi on the other hand, is first and foremost a journalist. a DAMN good one at that.

not just writing at stories and such, but digging around for that killer lead and having the ability to charm everyone in the room with a wink and a smile [even better than me, can you believe!?] sheesh

not only is she a journalist, but she has an amazing entrepreneurial spirit - and a shed load of experience in the marketing sector - with enough contacts to kill an elephant, plus an ability to wow anyone in the game with knowledge and wisdom way beyond her years and vocabulary to match.

so ya, Miss Ooi has some super skills that make for a win win partnership.

but, having outgrown the Malaysian news scene long before her peers have even found their feet, she has since moved into the realms of public relations consulting, and business innovation strategy.

at 24 she was given the task of single handedly managing the entire PR campaign for the 2008 Kancil Awards, Malaysia's most prestigious advertising awards.

a task unanimously passed over by the entire council of the 4A's [Association of Accredited Advertising Agents]. the biggest n' baddest motley crew of senior ad folk, creative directors, MD's CEO's and the likes.

not bad.

so ya, with our skills and charm combined, we're almost unstoppable. [okla, i'm just hanging on to the blazing coat-tails, tak malu].

and with the JYN Tonic creative partnership we've since taken on a few projects that we otherwise couldn't handle alone.

For one we've created a magazine from scratch, for the Central Market. Two, we're doing an 'emergency' HSBC campaign with one-tenth of the original timescale to complete it. and three, we're handling a huge herbal pharmaceutical account, doing everything from web to packaging.

musn't grumble.

we're also in the process of positioning our partnership - in partnership with another management consultancy partnership, as official internal communication partners to partner their partnership!

tip top.

we sit face to face every day [when we're not running around like loonies] and have developed a marvellous synergy of sharp-witted creative, fun, charming and devastatingly effective businessy type thingymajiggy.

we parade ourselves around town, touting ourselves as the 'power couple' that can - and people buy it.

not cos they know we actually can, it's just that we're so bloody handsome and pretty and cute and smiley, that they just can't say no.

it's bloody great. You edit my work, i edit yours. i layout a page, you tell me how to make it better.


they say collaboration and collusion is the new syok sendiri. i'm inclined to agree.

and the best part of it, one of the most important things, is that we never disagree on what music gets played. the perfect match i reckon.

so bring it on.

best thing even since pickled onion monster munch.

best thing even since pickled onion monster munch.

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johnny said...okla, half-half.

you make the soup, i'll happily drink it.

besides, you have your own blog to write 8/10's of it about yourself. and half of that is about me, while the other quarter is about dogs.

well, lets focus on what we can achieve together, 2 halves of the same orange.

a small operation methinks, only world domination :D Posted 10 November 2008 17:16

Ying said...2/3s of this post is about me. Am I 2/3s of JYN Tonic creative partnership?

Are you calling me fat? :D

You left out your key responsibility as the guy who assuages me when I'm running around like a schizophrenic headless chicken on speed.

You're the coolant that prevents this fiery engine from overheating. Counterpain on sore hamstrings. A glassful of milk after a mouthful of chili padi.


Posted 10 November 2008 17:09


2 October 2008

developing a playstation game...

from A - Z

yes, that's right...jayemmcee has been working for the last few months on a super top-secret project with a malaysian computer game developer, creating a fantasy adventure title not dissimlar to the likes of Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia. Tis true...

but i signed the top secret form so can't give you any details other than that.

what i can say is that i've created a brand identity, developed the concept and story, made it wholly marketable, overseen and sub-edited a screenplay, and now we're getting ready for the voiceover project.

this is gona be a big 'un, and external marketing will follow soon.

don't worry, you'll be the first to know.

computer game developer, possibly the perfect job for the man ;)

shhhh...soon, soon...

shhhh...soon, soon...

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1 October 2008

creating a new magazine

it's still a secret though...shhh...


i was asked to whip up an editorial template for a new magazine in KL a few weeks ago.

it's for the major arts hub here and i knocked it up, sent it over and...just sold the concept :D


i start layouts this week, covershoot next week and full mock-up delivered beginning of november.

one more concept under the belt and in the bank, hehe...

Central Market Magazine issue one double cover sneakpeek!!

Central Market Magazine issue one double cover sneakpeek!!

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