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27 April 2006

Integration into Society

becoming a citizen

I have a Malaysian Bank Account...

I shouldn't really have one but a Dato's signature goes a loooong way in Penang - and besides, my pockets were getting way too heavy.

I was taken to the bank yesterday by Ms Yap [Dato's secretary] with a form carrying the sacred signature. She walked me straight into the managers' office and said "Dato's friend wants an account". Ok, said the bank manager.

So between themselves they filled out all the forms and then passed them back to me for signing and within an hour I had a brand new bank account with instant ATM card and internet banking fully set up and activated.

Something I can't really see happening in England.

So, along with my new laptop and car, i'm ready to move to KL where i'll be setting up in my new pad.

From what i've been looking at, it cost about MYR 1200 per month for a fully furnished three bedroomed apartment. that's only 200 quid a month - and you get aircon chucked in for free.

Oh well, if that's what I have to do...

So, when I get my new place in the next few weeks, i'll have a party.

...and you're all invited.

best mates

best mates

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21 April 2006


More monkeys n' sunsets n' that


So i'm in Borneo. Kuching in Sarawak to be precise.

This is a really nice place. People are friendly and food is good.

Up to now i've visited Bako national park. More beautiful rainforest with lots of wild animals just hanging around. I got to see some rare proboscis monkeys with their big silly noses.

Then I went to the town to take fotos of architecture and interiors. I met some editors of design magazines in KL and they wanted me to see if I could find any 'local' interiors.

I stumbled across a really interesting Civic Centre building and planetarium that looks like something out of an old James Bond Movie.

Sure enough, I got talking to the curator and after taking some lush fotos, i'm now somehow collaborating with Sarawak government alongside a magazine.

I don't know how these things kep happening. I just turn up to a place, use the Old Jedi Mind Trick and the next thing I know i'm involved in big projects earning money - and all by accident.

Thing is, i'm a bit bored of travelling around on me tod so i've decided to relocate to KL and find me a place to live.

Going to Penang first to take fotos of interiors and then i'm off to KL. Keep a lookout for me new business section of the site with commercial work.

It'll be appearing soon [once me brother sorts it out]

until then, i'm going back to chuck sticks at these silly monkeys.

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10 April 2006

working like a madman

cha ching!


Super tired, me.

Been working like a lunatic in the heat for the last two weeks or so.

I flew from Kota Bahru to KL and met up with the advertising firm and showed them my stuff. They liked it and sent me out on a shoot with their in-house fotografer.

We had to shoot nature scenes for Uncle Kenny's new town that he's building.

When the images came back, it seems that they've used mostly mine - ha!

Tha means a poster & billboard campaign plus a whole set of brochures for the biggest property development project in Penang sporting my images.

Then i went to a party at a really nice restaurant and liked it so much I went back and shot it.

Two days later i've sold a set of postcards and been asked to go to their other restaurant and shoot that too. Another set of postcards has been made and are about to be sold.

A meeting was arranged for me with the MD and Marketing manager of Volvo Asia. Showed them my work and they really liked it.

I'm meeting them this week to maybe make a calendar for them. That's potentially over a weeks worth of shooting.

I guess I have to start from the top and work my way down.

As a professional photographer in Malaysia, the standard rate is MYR3000 per day.

I'm gonna need some bigger pockets.

commercial interiors - show me the money

commercial interiors - show me the money

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