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19 May 2007

...and a lick of paint

to darken up the place

And then i went and bought the paint and after three hours upside down and back to front...

hey presto.

with an achey hand and no more masking tape i now have some kind of columny pillar effect in my house.

a quick reshuffle of the 'furniture' and yes, hey presto - my space is new and exciting once again.


...and a lick of paint

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19 May 2007

All good in the hood

mermaids and new ideas

Not so bored any more.

in fact, positively entertained.

and yet nothing changes except my angle of perception.

My mate Choen shot a concept shoot the other day, about a mermaid.

love it.

check it out here

Mermaid in Suburbia

It's fun to direct and shoot half-naked, tattoo covered chinese girls.

and then Choen went for a track off the new Bjork 'Volta' album to accompany it.

have you heard it yet?

Give it a whirl, you might like it.

Anyways, i'm not bored anymore.

and now i've just bought some flights to Bangkok, Brunei and Borneo for a three week assignment starting 3rd of June.

So something to look forward to.

*cuts the caper*

gold chains and stupid poses - mermaid shoots do that to you.

gold chains and stupid poses - mermaid shoots do that to you.

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mam said...thats my boy Posted 17 June 2007 12:41


12 May 2007

no man's land

whatudu whatudu?


bored, me.

all the time i desperately wanted nothing to do.

now i'm bored.

it's about to get really busy with MICE 3 but in the meantime, wushu and work just aren't enough to fill the gap.

malaysia sedikit boleh sahaja.

from 20th may 'til about 10th of july i'm gonna be on the bounce again.

first i've got a global meet on the island of langkawi - hobnob with the tourism ministers and MICE specialists.

then becasue my visa runs out and i have to leave the country for a bit - i'm off to Bangkok direct from langkawi.

not to waste a trip, i'm being sent to some swanky beach resort in Hua In for a few days to snap and review it.


then come back and chill for a bit.

then june 8-9 it's back to Hanoi to launch MICE 2 with cocktails and canapes.


then just maybe, from the 11th-16th, i could be on the 5star starcruise liner from singapore to hong kong assisting my mate on a rebranding shoot for the cruise company.


then from about the 23rd for two weeks i'll be in sabah in borneo, more resorts and hotels, then brunei for a bit - much of the same

...and then climbing mount kinabalu on my official 'holiday'

about bloody time too

so i guess i won't be so bored in a bit.

can't wait.

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mam said...missing you Posted 17 June 2007 12:42


2 May 2007

went to the beach

it was alright

something's rotten in the state of Perak if an englishman can go to a tropical island and think it was crap.

we never went to the east coast as planned. logistically we were ill prepared and set off late.

where to go instead?

pulau pangkor.

near ipoh half way up the west coast is a little dirty sandbank that used to be a beautifully unspoilt tropical hideaway.

pulau pangkor.

now it's concreted over and filled with miserable island folk and overpriced crappy hotels.

no sheds on the beach.

just all night karaokes in hotel dining areas.

so we hired a scooter, and it rained.

the interior of the island is still beautiful and unspoilt, except for the one windy road we had to navigate in the rain.

it's an insanely steep winding jungle road. chugging the impossible uphills two on a scooter then braving the crazy downhills both brakes pulled tight all the way down.

in the rain.

but that was kinda fun cos it was exciting, rather, a bit more scary than exciting.

so we slept and slept and ate the rest of the time, while it rained.

i must say, i had the best char kuey teow i've ever had.

char kuey teow are a chinese fried noodle dish that is a local favourite, the 'best' is thought [nationwide] to come from penang.

i had some, it was alright.

but this pulau pangkor char kuey teow, made on the roadside by the 100 year old chinese uncle with wok on a cart, is the best i ever had.

so all's not bad.

and that was actually in the little chinese village part of the island and not the touristy part. in fact, that was pretty cool because all the houses were really old skool chinese.

anyway, then we drove back to KL and that's about it really.

pulau pangkor.

never again.

pangkor, old skool rain. whatever that means

pangkor, old skool rain. whatever that means

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