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27 January 2008

doin' it for the oldies

another secret garden charity event

we figured the kids have had enough charity for the time being so for chinese new year we've turned our hands to bringing some joy to the oldies.

the latest charity event in conjunction with alicia's boutique was at the rumah charis old folks home where a gang of us did a quick spring clea then knocked up some hand-made chinese new year decorations and put some well deserved smiles on the old aunties n' uncles' faces.

old people are great and always have lots of interesting stories to tell - even if they're in cantonese and i can't understand a word they say.

besides, a smile say a lot more when there's a language barrier so either way we knew that our presence there was more than worthwhile and the oldies most definitely appreciated our help.

next up is a charity dinner hoping to raise some cash to sponsor some new furniture and the likes for the replacement home after the last one burned down.

so Gong Xi Fa Cai to all the old uncles n' aunties in Rumah Charis!

check out the pix on the secret garden multiply blog here:

secret garden

alicia, aaliyah and irene with smiley uncle doin good for CNY

alicia, aaliyah and irene with smiley uncle doin good for CNY

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27 January 2008

doin' the do with lucy lu

and jorge too!

not many of my mates have been to visit me in asia since i got here.

wait, i'll rephrase that...NONE of my mates have been to visit me in asia since i got here.

not until now at least.

and i couldn't have picked a better one to come than miss zoo zee zoo, lucy hogg - me old marra mush from smartlepool for donkeys yonks.

since lucy and her spanish beau jorge arrived we've been non-stop doing stuff like going to the Thaipusam festival, shopping and visiting all the most important restaurants to eat all the best food KL has on offer.

we've even been doing some charity work, dancing at the disco, studying aikido together and doing lotsa swimming in the pool.

next week we're planning to head off to Melaka for a few days chillen then maybe even up to Penang for Chinese New Year before they two head on up to Thailand and continue their journey across SE Asia.

in the meantime we'll continue to overdose on pork ribs and pan mee.

hooray for lucy and jorge in Malaysia!

jayemmcee n' the funky bunch

jayemmcee n' the funky bunch

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Liz and Nigel said...Hi guys! Thought you might have a site Johnny! Lovely to see you all in the piccie and to know that you are all having a good time. Don't get sticky in Malacca and have a great New Year in Penang. xxxx Posted 28 January 2008 22:25


15 January 2008

the best new year in the world, ever

magic moments with makan, massage and my dream woman...

for my last visa run, me n' alicia took a few days out and went to Phuket to chill on the beach.

we left on the morning of new years day.

it was great!

nothing beats a long weekend of eating, sleeping, thai massage and romantic wristlocks along the sea front.

not in my book anyways.

despite being interspersed with the worst of western tourists and getting busted at police roadblocks, we managed to have an amazing time doing not much and taking it very easy.

so here's to starting as you mean to go on and the prospect of a tip top 2008.

sawasdee krap hello massaaaaaaage : D

happy days

happy days

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me said...wow, thanks!

: D Posted 15 January 2008 06:56

Monica said...way to go dude...

you guys make the cutest couple, i'm so happy you have found your dream woman.

you deserve it! Posted 15 January 2008 06:55


9 January 2008

new stufs

and old stufs

some new old stufs up to look at somewhere.

try here:


new stufs

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