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6 August 2007

gua sha

back rub with a stone

i like massage.

here in asia i go for mmassage on a weekly basis.

it's cheap and good for the aches n' pains.

but today i went with my mate to an expensive place that deals in traditional chinese therapies.

and there i had some gua sha action.

first they rub some special oil on your back and then they scrape it half to death with a piece of stone


and they tell me i'll have the marks for a week but my body is free of toxins [apparently].


anyway, next week i'm off for some cupping [where they stick jamjars on your back and suck the skin up]

sounds like more fun - and i'll be doubley as detoxified as i am right now.


until then, i'll just keep me t-shirt on.

it's a bit scratchy

it's a bit scratchy

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son said...haha, chill mam.

it's all good fun, and detoxificationalisating.

so now i'm detoxifactionalised Posted 23 October 2007 10:58

mam said...Yasmine you must be mad thats my son and I realy dont like it one little bit. Posted 2 October 2007 18:02

Yasmine said...that actually looks kinda cool Posted 8 August 2007 18:08


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