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4 August 2010

Malaysia: Poladroid Project

epic win

for my Facebook fanpage We Love Colours i came up with the idea of having a lo-fi photo competition using the free Poladroid app and compiling a vast image bank of Polaroid-esque pics on AskSancora.com

there were some cash prizes up for grabs - and after three weeks i'd received almost 2,000 entries and miraculously got 10,000 new fans on the Facebook page. WIN!

what's more, our good friend and world-renowned rockstar designer Neville Brody did me a nice favour and endorsed the project, as well as making his own little top 20 ion of images. WIN WIN!

so ya, the Malaysia: Poladroid Project is in full-force, a continuing project to stockpile the largest collection of Malaysian Poladroids known to man.

and there'll be another chance to win more prizes again soon! stay tuned!



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