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24 November 2007

Hug Workshop and Cuddle Masterclass...

y'all never had it so good...

Show me a person who never wants a hug and i'll show you a liar.

Everyone wants or needs a hug sometimes. It's the nature of humans and animals alike.

This base form of physical affection is often taken for granted amongst fickle human societal behaviour, yet remains one of the most potent humane weapons against individual adversity in all forms.

Hugs have for all of eternity, been known to bestow their practitioners with overwhelming sensations of love, warmth, security, euphoria and sometimes for the more advanced, a gun in the pocket that turns out to be ‘just pleased to see you’...

The Tao of Cuddling is a comprehensive pathway to increased happiness, self-belief and focus through the understanding of chi energy flow and distribution from the hug centre to the bodily extremes.

Whether a loving hug, a friendly hug, a manly hug, a heartfelt powersqueeze or a cheeky close-quarter cuddle...satisfaction is guaranteed on many levels by the simple act of a well placed palmstroke upon another’s willing body.

The introductory hug workshop will demonstrate the immense power of embrace through repeated practices of the 5 basic [individual] cuddle techniques.

Double Overarm:
the most common hug for pairs of varying heights. A simple yet devastatingly effective technique, this manoeuvre can be performed even on strangers with full appreciation.
Taking care to offer raised arms towards your partner as to welcome them in, the double overarm draws energy from the top down, rooting the recipient in a secure embrace. The hugged may reciprocate by locking arms around the waist. Resting the head upon hugger’s chest adds a further dynamic.

Half/Half & Headcradle:
the half/half is a more versatile hug that can be performed by partners of varying heights, or girths, to much success. Simply place alternating arms over one shoulder and under the opposite arm for fingers to meet in the middle back from a diagonal axis. Simple.
Power is increased by applying pressure with either twin flat palms or locked fingers. The additional headcradle technique can be applied by adjusting the position of your shoulderbound arm, supporting the head for more intimate hugging.

Bear Hug:
the most primal of affections, the bear hug is the quintessential embrace for dispersing an entire quota of latent energy through the hug recipient. Positioning is lower, with the hug centre at the upper abdomen around the solar plexus, lifting the hugged clear of the ground and squeezed with force until strength wanes and/or the oxygen supply dwindles.
At this point, pressure is released and hugged falls into hugger’s arms. The ensuing rush of blood [and O˛] releases adrenaline and endorphins into both bodies to heighten the sensation.

Reverse Overarm:
a popluar favourite and a guaranteed winner for all, the reverse overarm is a particularly intimate affair that creates both a great deal of security through the covering of the back and also an opportunity to nuzzle amongst the more sensitive nape, ear and cheek areas.
Approaching from behind, the recipients back is nestled within the embrace. The hugged having folded arms that are in turn cradled by the hugger. Again, the locking of fingers offers added togetherness.

Reverse Midriff:
similar to the reverse overarm in some repsects, the reverse midriff hug is a more subtle and often more seductive technique with the ability to arouse spine-tingles before the actual embrace.
Upon approach, the waistline is targeted and gently received with fingertips that slide to soft palmstrokes across the abdomen. As fingers are locked together, the hugged may link their own hands atop, or opt for a one hand reverse headcradle to reciprocate the love shared in the embrace.

*warning* reverse midriffs have been reported to instigate instant carnal relations. on many occasion.

Advanced Masterclass available for the following techniques:

Group Hug – how to maximise chi flow through proper positioning and interlocking.
Spooning - where to put that other arm and not get pins n’ needles.
The Tickle – when to stop?
The Lift n’ Slide: do you grab the bum or below it?

So, if you’re in need of a hug and want to learn the wonders of the Tao of Cuddling, sign up to the Hug Workshop and Cuddle Masterclass - and start spreading the love, yo!

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Especially Christmas.

Individual appointments should be made in advance and group bookings are welcomed.

A hug is free…and priceless….who wants one?

come n' get it, yo...

come n' get it, yo...

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Faz said...I want a hug :-) Posted 30 November 2007 08:37

Yasmine said...Bears look so cuddly. I wish you could get near them without them ripping you to pieces. Posted 28 November 2007 13:46


17 November 2007


re-living a [long lost] dream...

so i've been really lazy lately and my fitness levels have plummeted since i ingested a hefty dose of wild water fever.

and without martial arts training my life just seems to drift by without any real motivation.

Almost 3 years ago, before i came out to Asia, my plan was to spend a year in Tokyo and study the intensive Senshusei Riot Police Instructors course in Yoshinkan Aikido.

but then as i was making my plans, i snapped my favourite thumb.

My Aikido dreams slowly dwindled after that and became just a distant memory.

until the other day when i met the cutest tiny girl who effortlessly tossed me to the ground with a lightning quick wrist lock.

She is a friend of my friends and of course when i found out she studied Aikido, i had to let her chuck me about a bit.

i was/am enamoured...

and lo n' behold, the dojo is not far from my house.

so come sunday morning i'm gonna be spending my time having my arms twisted and being thrown to the floor by extremely small people - like the big clumsy white boy i am.

and i pledge to study Aikido until such time as i snap my thumb again for the third time or something new snaps instead.

can't wait.

gettin' ready for a good kicking - again!

gettin' ready for a good kicking - again!

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17 November 2007

more home fotoshoots

this time with bikinis and swimming pools

my house is a good location for shoots.

it's a cool space and i make sure to pimp it up by playing funky soul tunes the whole time.

and everyone gets their groove on and things flow quite smoothly.

so we shot again for Stuff magazine - iphones and other gadgetry.

but of course not just gadgetry - it's obligatory to have bikini-clad models in swimming pools when you're shooting gadgets.

isn't it?

it is round here.

so anyways, another fun day with scantily clad hotties shakin their thang to marvin gaye.

works every time...

ok, again please...and again...and again...and again...

ok, again please...and again...and again...and again...

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8 November 2007

KL to BKK on the E&O Express

Trains, Planes and Thai massage...

the other week I went on the Orient Express to Bangkok.

to write a story.

it was great!

two nights on board the world's most luxury train getting overfed the most sumptious repasts and drunk on freeflow white russians.


Most of the time i spent drunk and singing along with the virtuoso pianist - dressed in my best suit - and some trainers.

the uber rich folk were slightly taken aback by my unorthodox techniques but enjoyed themselves nonetheless [so they bloody should for a US$ 1,800 train ride!]

so yeah, then i got to Bangkok, had a Thai massage then flew back home again to write the story for a new luxe lifestyle mag.


Chooo Chooooooo!

keeping it real on a posh train for all the rich mams

keeping it real on a posh train for all the rich mams

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elvis said... yo johnny!

so that's where my wig n' glasses went?

Bastard. Posted 8 November 2007 09:47


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