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12 April 2009


muka siapa yang paling comelllllllllll...

i was devastated when Besame had to move to Thailand.

never before have i found such companionship in a small doggie until Besame - and after her i thought never again.

until I found Mikazuki!!! :D

sitting in the petshop in SS2 were two 9 week old Shih-Tzu...one was sitting quietly and the other was winking at me.

...the rest is history.

having had Mika for one whole month now, she can already sit and shake hand, dance a bit and follows me round wherever i go.

she just needs to learn that biting toes isn't as fun as she makes it out to be.

nonetheless, Mikazuki is the perfect replacement for the long-lost Besame.

buntut siapa yang paling GEBUUUU?!?!! :D



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11 April 2009

warrior's mark

traditional, hand-tapped tattoo from Borneo

I went to Sabah last week, flew in and out in one day with a sole purpose.

to get a traditional head-hunter tattoo made the old way by a tribal artist.

it's done by hand, knocked in with sticks and 14 needles.

five hours later and this is the result - sangalang burong, the Iban god of war.

Iban god of war...

Iban god of war...

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mam said...Wow spectacular, but painful im sure Posted 18 April 2009 21:44


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