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29 November 2008

Kancil Awards Festival

The state of Malaysia's Advertising Industry

So, last night was the Kancil Awards Festival - in some horrifically gaudy hotel in a gold coloured, plastic adventure park shopping city.

For once I wasn't taking photos. Instead I was there assisting Miss Ooi with the PR and media stuff.

It was...quite boring all in all. Even with free food and beer.

Actually it was, well, predictable.

Just as the results were.

Interesting to see that out of 27 agencies, only two should have bothered turning up.

Even then, that would have been one too many.

Statistically, it was a whitewash, with BBDO Proximity snarfing around a quarter of the entire 200 awards. shocking.

Proximity won the overall golden lego brick, along with 12 of the 22 Gold awards.


Although, ok, Saatchi & Saatchi won 22 of the 46 silvers - so they deserved to be there, too.

even though it seemed that they were given as an afterthought, out of embarrassment.

Then suddenly Proximity won 11 of the 52 bronzes, with the rest scattered pitifully among the 'others' just to give them a valid reason for buying those tickets.

then the merit awards, 90 altogether.

quel surprise! Proximity won 15 of them. Naga DDB/Rapp Collins got 13 and the the rest again scattered piecemeal among the 'others', to justify the rental of such a grand ballroom.

So overall, it was a one [two] man show.

Saatchi came a shameful second and it seems that BBDO Proximity just have all the best ideas.

When i asked ECD Ronald Ng if they'd strategically snapped up all the talent he said "no, we just run on fresh grads like most agencies."

It's just their knowledge of the industry at a global level and a strict policy of NO COPYING! that really makes them stand out as the top bods of Malaysian advertising.

So, i think i'll send them my CV again, see what happens.

Miss Ooi and I are just happy that it's all over - finally we can sleep :)

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t. said...ronald ng and i used to be colleague back in bozell. :D Posted 30 November 2008 15:08


24 November 2008

Hidden Dawn!!

rising soon...


it's only the holding page, but it's the start of something new and exciting.

my first computer game concept about to see the light of day!

check out the Hidden Dawn logo!

keep pressing refresh until the website is live [even though it'll be a week or two!]


Hidden Dawn!!

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23 November 2008

Designyatra pix travel the world

sort of

nice to see my designyatra pix geting bandied around the agency websites :)

there's johnson banks' fine ion, and a bit of Dixonbaxi'ssmashing blog punchup.

you can view my entire set here on the Kyoorius Exchange Flikr photostream or see them in context at the Designyatra site itself.



wally olins biggin up the malaysia init

wally olins biggin up the malaysia init

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22 November 2008

computer game title agreed...

dotcom bought...

just twiddlnig me thumbs now ready for it all to go live.

this is exciting.

after 3 brand identity changes and countless game name changes i finally came up with something that everybody agrees on.

but it's not public yet so youll have to wait a bit longer!

ayoooo...can't wait...itchy fingers...

but from behind the veil, a new day will come...

...and the future of gaming will fall on the head of a young girl named Heru...



...and i've already started on the concept for the next game :D

grrrr...these confidentiality agreements really make me twitch...

Kai. Warrior. and a shadow of his former self...

Kai. Warrior. and a shadow of his former self...

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21 November 2008

Alpha Catalyst Consulting & JYN Tonic partnership

collaboration and collusion IS the new syok sendiri...

Recently, Miss Ooi and I created a white paper for a management consultancy firm.

It was a lot of fun.

The firm, Alpha Catalyst are innovation specialists who, funnily enough, incorporate the principles of aikido into the core of their business philosophy.


So, between Miss Ooi's capacity as a savvy business writer and my calculated aesthetistics, Alpha Catalyst Consulting have since positioned us as their internal communications partners.

not only do we get to work on some really cool projects for great clients, it means i also get to demonstrate aikido techniques at their innovation workshops! [ie: getting thrown onto the floor]


So JYN Tonic would like to raise their glasses in a toast to Alpha Catalyst...and us.

cheers P



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11 November 2008

Kyoorius Designyatra '08

Design deities coming to town...

in conjunction with the Kancil Ad awards, we in KL are lucky to have Malaysia's first Kyoorius Designyatra this week.

quite exciting.

for those who dunno what it is, the Designyatra is a creative knowledge-sharing platform featuring some high profile speakers from the design world.

Miss Ooi is organising it and will be the MC for the event. hehe, syok gila.

so, the line-up is pretty exciting too.

We'll have the pleasure of insights from brand-granddaddy Wally Olins as well as top bods like Kenya Hara [Art director of Muji], Aporva Baxi n' Simon Dixon of DixonBaxi, Paul Hughes of Lava - NL and Andy Altman to name a few.

Plus, the very brilliant Neville Brody is an exciting prospect. Brody of course being the fella who made Face Magazine what it is and the genius responsible for revolutionising both The Guardian and Observer newspapers.

so we're in for a treat and no mistake. Luckily we'll be hanging out with them as gracious hosts for their visit.

I'm sure i'll be snapping pix galore and soaking up as much info as possible in between.

in the meantime, good luck to Miss Ooi who's running around like a nutter and see you at the Kyoorius Designyatra 2008, real soon :)

Kyoorius indeed

Kyoorius indeed

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mam said...All sounds real good. Hope all goes well, and well done to you both Posted 13 November 2008 22:51


10 November 2008

The Art of Stretching

it works for me...

Stretching, in the physical sense - but not the conventional sense.

i'm not talking muscles here - but time, space, brainpower, endurance and creativity.

the aches n' pains are similar and the rewards are well worth it.

i'm referring to my application of fitting multiple careers into 24 hours of every day.

EVERY day.

At the moment i'm running maybe five projects concurrently, flitting between magazine/book design, portrait and product photography, branding exercises, corporate banking copywriting and conceptual development of fantasy adventure worlds.

and that's not even taking into account the fun stuff i'm doing for free, like aikido design work and portfolio nonsense.

but i love it. i love every second of it [sort of]

that's why working 16-18 hours every day of the week for months on end can be sustained.

Even though i'm completely stretching myself, my resources and my self-imposed sleep deprivation to the very limits, i'm still loving it!

some people would just say it's crazy. some would wonder why. but my idea of taking a break from 'work' is by switching to another project.

the difference between writing commercial copy and laying out a book page is HUGE, so it never really seems like work - but it always seems like a nice change.

and also, well, i can't seem to switch off.

however, there are two saving graces in my life at the moment. Two factors that make everything else possible.

one is my fully integrated profersonal companionship with Miss Ooi in the JYN Tonic partnership - the other is Yoshinkan aikido.

both receive full dedication and commitment.

both keep me on my toes, but also keep me firmly rooted to the ground.

so like any exercise, whether physical or mental, the art of stretching is a vital component.

to remain flexible, you must stretch.
to build strength, you must stretch [isometrics are good]

and to yield optimum results, you must stretch - as much as is humanly possible.

so i'm stretching myself right now, in all aspects of my life.

while trying to do the splits and typing this, i'm thinking of a tagline for an HSBC brochure at the same time, imagine that.

it's working though, which is why i believe stretching is so damn good.

and to date, i'm not only the most productive i've ever been, i'm also creating the most accomplished work of my, erm...ahem, 'career'.

but like any exercise i partake in, i always somehow manage to overdo it a bit - so i'll only stop stretching when something either snaps, or my body & mind just crash.

then i'll sleep for a few days solid, drink lots of water - and start again.

in the meantime, i'll just carry on as is.

however, i doubt i'll ever manage to achieve full splits, no matter how hard i try.

such is life.

almost there...

almost there...

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johnny said...sigh, it's not me.

i'm neither a shaolin monk, nor a human elastic band.

sigh... Posted 22 November 2008 14:38

mam said...is that realy you? Posted 13 November 2008 22:55

kua said...almost as good as Tony Jaa-my hero!!!! Posted 12 November 2008 10:56


3 November 2008

Nama gua Besame. Gua anjing.

the coolest dog in town


i always thought that small dogs were a total waste of time, until i met Besame.

Besame is a pedigree Shih Tsu that belongs to my friend Fadzilah.

But Fadzilah decided to relocate to Thailand and Besame was suddenly homeless.

hehehe...so me n' miss Ooi decided to let her come n' stay with us.

Besame is too cool for school. She doesn't bark, she doesn't shit anywhere she shouldn't, she doesn't do anything other than be cool, look cute and just chill the whole time, waiting to have her hair ruffled.

oh, and she loves to chase the cat cat cats! but she can never catch them, hehehe...

coolest dog in town for sure.

hehehehe...so the other day after i washed her hair, i thought she was looking a bit too fluffy for her own good, so i turned my hand at dog haircutting.

it's not easy - but it's fun.

so now Besame has a mohican and she loves it!

best new doggy flatmate i ever got.

Anjing siapa yang paling comel???!?!?! :D

Besame mucho...chillen as usual.

Besame mucho...chillen as usual.

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mam said...she is gorgeous but cant match April for cheek. Posted 13 November 2008 22:57

Will said...cute doggy... i gotta visit you some time soon :P Posted 13 November 2008 03:58

Ying said...Bulu siapa yang paling gebuuuuuuuu???!?! Posted 3 November 2008 19:21


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