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27 June 2008

Full page magazine ad


so my retail client wanted a magazine ad.

fear not, jayemmcee will create the whole thing.

so i did.

and it's nice.

photography, copy, design, layout.

Passions Magazine - Khazanah boutique.

Bring a wealth of heritage to your home.

check out my retail marketing and branding stuff here:

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2 June 2008

livin' it up in the lap of Thai luxury

all for work of course

so i'm on koh phi phi at the moment - long beach to be exact.

and it's low season so there's nobody here - wooooo!

and the weather is great!

last week i was on Phuket with me mate/editor Eugene, for an assignment reviewing and shooting a luxury villa on a rocky promontory overlooking the vast expanse of the andaman sea.

that was nice, usd2k per nite, having three servants to take care of us and cook us 6 course meals at every opportunity.

can't be bad. just a shame we had to work.

heh, well, i say work. more like 'work', meaning not like work at all really.

taking fotos and sleeping and having thai massage.

not bad all in all, no complaints here at least.

sawasdee kraaaaaaaaaap!

sneaky peek of what 'opulence' really looks like : D

sneaky peek of what 'opulence' really looks like : D

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