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19 March 2010

We Love Colours

another experiment in brand building

so i have a new client. a local paint company.

for their social media campaign i decided to start a facebook page called We Love Colours

Essentially, it's an enricher site that focusses on design-centric content and sneaky guerilla brand engagement. most brands don't like it if you plug other brands on their site, but with this, we can celebrate colours by reaching out to every brand on the planet that pays atention to its colours and design.

we have competitions whereby the winners receive interior design prizes using the client's product and runners up win Doofs. it's a total win-win situation. a good case-study for larger brands who need to realise that you cannot simply stand alone in the social media arena and that engaging other brands will only extend your reach further.

great. so far the page has a solid fanbase and is growing steadily by the day. i mean, life is never black and white...that's why EVERYONE loves colours.


really...who doesn't love colours?

really...who doesn't love colours?

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