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26 July 2007

went to watch footie

asian cup semi-finals

yeah, five quid a ticket.

iraq versus korea in the semi-finals of the asian cup.

the stadium here fits 90,000 and the turnout was 10,000 at a push.

and after penalties, Iraq won!

nice to see happy, dancing iraqis for a change.

needless i was foudn dancing among the beards, arms aloft shouting I Love Allah!

why not?

the weirdest part was there were no police, just a few thousand people dancing about - and another few thousand koreans quietly making their way through the throngs of dancing arabs.


makes you wonder what all the fuss is about.

with footie agro and with people's perception of Iraqis.

anyhoos, took some fotos, as you do.

check em out in the 'fun stuff' section of the gallery.

oh, before the koreans were beaten, the fans spent the whole match chanting their team mantra - quite funny - and wrong on so many levels.

their unison chant was 'FIGHTING GO!'


and that was the footie, not a bad way to spend a fiver - and stopped me from being bored for another night.

asian footie

asian footie

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20 July 2007

Choen n' Shuz tie the knot

my first EVER wedding!

ah yes,

the first wedding i've ever been to - and what a nice one it was...

my two really good friends Choen and Shiuh Wei got married today.

it was in the buddhist temple down the street.


then they just gave me a camera and said 'take the fotos'!

so i did.

what a nice day - now it's off to the party for a knees-up.

doo do de doo, doo do de doooo...

Mr and Mrs [luv] Lee

Mr and Mrs [luv] Lee

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