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27 April 2007

Off to the beach...

Pulau here we come!

I've finished me catalogue and have allocated a few days to do nothing with.

So me n' Melissa are gonna drive to the east cost and go to Pulau Tioman [island] for a long weekend!


that just means living in a shed and swimming in the sea for a few days.

Blazing sunshine, peace and quiet and glorious south china sea to lepak in.

nb. the word lepak is great. in malay it literally means 'loiter' but on the street it just means to hang out, to chill.

so we lepak lah, can.

saya pergi ke pulau, boleh lepak.

excited, me.

i'll let you know how it was on monday night after we balik rumah.

jumpa lagi

cartwheels all round

cartwheels all round

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24 April 2007

Building a book...

all about soft furnishings and stuff?


So for most of last week and all of the weekend [sigh], i've been keeping myself awake [and unfalteringly occupied] with the building of a catalogue.

It's a 20 page affair that will be the sales kit for a shop[s] called Khazanah.

They sell nice fabrics and stuff for around the house.

they also sell clothes, accessories and gifts.

and there's 7 shops in total.

so, that means lots of shoots, lots of products, lots of layouts and lots of copywriting.

i don't mind to do it all myself [how else will it get done?] but of course it means many hours blur in front of the computer - a few days i even forgot to go to bed.

only when the sun came up did i realise that i should be asleep already.

but what to do?

anyways, the catalogue is 99% complete and almost ready for the printers.

i just need a final nod from the client then i can go and get the colour sep and soon i'll be selling cushion covers and stuff to Singpore airpport [not me of course, my words and pictures only].

and it looks bloody nice if i do say so myself, hardback, glossy dust jacket and all that.


anyways, once this is finished, maybe...only maybe, can i have a few days off [i hope].

but i do still have one story to write for plan b, the copy for a new design agency website and MICE related sabah and brunei trips to prepare for.

and hopefully, if i'm clever about it...i can wangle myself a few days holiday in between kota kinabalu in Borneo with Melissa.

not sure yet what to do?

either meet her on an island and sit and do nothing for a few days or meet her at the foot of mount kinabalu and go and climb malaysia's tallest mountain for a few days [let me think]...

sure i need a rest but i always forget that kind of thing when there's mountains to be climbed.

we'll see.

in the meantime, i'll just be finishing off this catalogue.

musn't grumble

khazanah fancy bedstuffs and much, much more...

khazanah fancy bedstuffs and much, much more...

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Siobhan said...Hey! I'm also looking for Khazanah's email and/ or their web address. Any chance you could also email me with it? I'm sure you're sick of these kinds of requests by now haha


THANK YOU! Posted 27 January 2011 03:42

Habibe said...Hi, I'm looking for e mail address of the Khazanah shop. Do you have it? Could you send me the catalog as well? I'm trying to contact them but can't find their details. my e-mail address is: habibe_ayaz@hotmail.com. Thanks! Posted 1 November 2008 23:05

Niz said...Hi there,

Just stumbled on your stuff about Khazanah. I adore their products. Could I view their catalog online? If you don't mind, please email me at nizamokhtar@hotmail.com.

Thank you! Posted 19 June 2007 22:02

davymacca said...mountain every time. Do it Doug! Posted 24 April 2007 13:51


10 April 2007

melissa mei mcguire

she's lovely

this is melissa.

she's lovely.

we met a long time ago when i was on an assignment to interview a british designer in kl.

she's a pr consultant for an ad firm.

although she's thinking about doing strategic marketing planning on the client side [less hassle, more freebies?]

despite being called mcguire, she's malaysian.

half chinese, mixed eurasian [goan, portugese and of course...Irish]

but 100% cantik.

life is always more fun when you have somebody to share it with.

sure i'll get into trouble now for putting this here, but what to do.

here she is, melissa...

she's a hottie - shame she turned out to be a messed up lying bitch. such is life

she's a hottie - shame she turned out to be a messed up lying bitch. such is life

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Mice Coming to Oz Jonny? said... Look me up mate. The yahoo email address is fooked, but you can get me at work crashleigh@manhattanap.com.au

I've got a houseful of Thai girls this week. 4 of 'em and me. Life is good... Posted 16 April 2007 14:19


8 April 2007

the most overqualified catering team in the world...ever?

all for fun, you understand

My good friend Chris A [fashion fotografer] is packing up his studio in KL and relocating back to Singapore for a bit.

but in his spare time, he fancies himself as a fine dining caterer.

so he planned a party for his landlord and 30 of their friends.

and we [the plan b team] plus others - execucted it.

it was a true success!

in fact, chris got a few more jobs from it - it was that good.

but let's consider the catering team:

our chefs and waiters are as follows:

jennifer choo, editor in chief

eugene ng, editor

christopher a, photographer

sam yen, economist/writer

ahmad najjib, journalist

aziz draim, style editor

melissa mei, pr consultant

and my good self, man about town. [i was also the party fotoman]

and we all had matching aprons.

so it's no wonder that all the guests were impressed.

[they were most impressed with sam being an economist - the only one with a 'proper' career it seems - or so these asian uncles and aunties consider]

however, in the kitchen there were several potentially mutinous periods but all's well that ends well.

and as we all loved it so much, we agreed never again.

next time chris can hire some 'professional' staff.


but all in all a rewarding few days and good to know we can all stll be mates again afterwards, if not exhausted and grey haired.

so, if anybody wants a swanky party with 6 course gourmet dinner and all the trimmings - don't ask me, ask chris.


the crew - all part-time vegetable choppers

the crew - all part-time vegetable choppers

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Anthony Worrall Thompson said...so what, now you're a chef is it?


'ere Ainsley, how come we're ONLY chefs?

i dunno

shurrup then, fathead.

soz Posted 12 April 2007 13:56


5 April 2007

the times they are a changin'


and so i left my beloved plan b magazine.

...then it died.

poor plan b, the only decent men's magazine in malaysia.

but the men's magazine readers didn't get it.

so essentially i jumped a sinking ship.
[gota protek me nek]

and landed in a sea of advertising fotografy.

with a partner in crime - mr choen lee.


together we're rebranding a slew of butik fesyen di kuala lumpur.


that sits nicely alongside mice in asia.

five times less work,

five times more money.

mice issue 3 to plan for now.

philippines and australia i'm told.

should be nice, hehe.

and swimming every morning too - get some sun on me baldy napper.

do de doo...

gota go, experiments to conduct.


plan b is dead - long live [re]form!

plan b is dead - long live [re]form!

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davymacca said...can one man really be this lucky?

HA! Posted 7 April 2007 19:36


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