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31 October 2007

Screwed over by a beautiful woman

oh it stings, it stings like a bastad

this story goes here for now.

Recently I found out I’d been played by a beautiful woman. My girlfriend for almost a year, no less.

It turns out she fed me a whole bundle of dirty lies whilst looking me right in the eye.

never before have I known such drama or blatant disrespect from one girl.

spun a web of lies to avoid confrontation at all cost...

but, live n' learn...live n' learn…

no more ridiculously beautiful asian porn girlfriends for me then.

well, not for longer than a few weeks anyway.


time to go and find a date i think.

to the mliss in question...I just hope your decisions make you happy and you can forgive me for being so pissed off with your minor misdemeanour.

mliss - the beautiful woman that done me over.     ayo, i still fancy her

mliss - the beautiful woman that done me over. ayo, i still fancy her

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kmbh said...what the fuck kinda bitch does something like that?!?! Seriously! I am so sorry to hear about your loss man, not her, she doesn't deserve your left pinky toe, but the time you wasted and emotions you put into this.
Beauty fades...but your character and actions stay with you forever, I pity her future...
You my man - will so certainly do better! Posted 3 November 2007 10:00

Yasmine said...Aww, poor Johnny, we've all been there mate...just not with a 'porn' model... Posted 1 November 2007 11:13


9 October 2007

nightmare hooker shoot

fashion is pain, they say.

last week was a vmag fashion shoot at my place and it was one of those days where everything was destined to turn into the shape of a pear.

daniel goh was shooting.

he is something of a diva photographer, others would just call him a dick.

but anyway, he turned up an hour late after i had to sit, fresh from sleep and entertain the two models who turned up half an hour early.


camila and yuliya - brazilian and ukrainian respectively, 16 and 17 respectively.


we were supposed to shoot in the tennis court but it was pouring down. hmm, wait and see if it stops or recce another location?

oh wait, has the hair and make-up turned up yet?

whadya mean the hair stylist isn't coming?


so our friend ming, who was just tagging along for a laugh - instead got roped into hard graft for the whole day.

the rain never stopped and it was already 2pm, we were supposed to start shooting by 12, the models were here since 9. they were dancing by now.


so the executive decision was made [by me for some reason, nowt to do with me] to cari a new location.

half an hour later and we somehow had a setup in the carpark = but wait! the person whose parking space were in has just come back.

aaah, good timing - wots that?

you won't move and you'll even drive over our equipment to park your big 4x4 in 'your' spot?

chill lah, park in my space one.


so it's 3 something and we finally get to start shooting - yay.


third shot, 4.30pm and daniel accidentally deletes all thwe images he's just shot over the last hour.



so we have to start again isit?

hey wait, it's stopped raining - shall we shoot the tennis court instead?

how many more shots to get?

oh yeah, all of 'em, right...


long to the short, we finished shooting in the carpark by 10pm.


then it was time to turn the whole house back the right way up after the mayhem.

the theme of the shoot was high class hookers, the brazilian girl is 16!

i thought she was 36.

to most people my day was an absolute nightmare, but to me - it was a fun day off.

naked models, drama queens and ridiculously expensive clobber and bling still brighten up my house a treat.

check the pix in the funstuff section of the gallery, doan be shy.

...and now i have a commercial studio space to rent it seems...hmmm...







i thought she was 36!

i thought she was 36!

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Faz said...THAT looks 36? I feel ancient and I'm 35!!

Aiyoh. Posted 22 October 2007 08:12

Will said...looks like 36 to me too... haha Posted 17 October 2007 15:49


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